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Marketing Automation

AIM has developed an amazing marketing automation platform which allows businesses with strained resources to run complex campaigns successfully and manage their time efficiently.

Marketing automation is huge time saver. Marketing automation makes the most of your staff resources. With AIM’s automated solution, a single staff member can execute complex and ongoing campaigns. This allows you to connect with many more warm or hot prospects than would be possible manually.

Utilizing the AIM platform, you can do achieve 3 major victories.

  1. Reduce the time involved in non-sales activities
  2. Connect only with warm or hot leads.
  3. Get a full view of this prospect before, during and after you connect.

Engagement Value Tracking

AIM has developed a proprietary lead tracking system that we call ‘Engagement Value’.

This allows you to configure the value assigned to various prospect actions.

Some examples of these actions could be:


Opening your emails


Clicking on links


Interacting with live content


Speaking to a phone agent


Receiving Text messages


Receiving Automated Voice mails


Attending a Live (in person) event or Trade Show


Subscribing to a Magazine or Publication.

You will receive engagement values (or ‘report cards’) on your prospects. Which will let you know when they are ready to contact the prospect!

360º View of Prospects

Understanding your potential customer is key. Which campaigns and content they are responding to. The AIM platform allows you to have a 360 view of the prospects that you are targeting. With this insight, you won’t have to worry about wasting your time on cold calls or non sales activities. You will be able to identify when reach out and have the highest opportunity to convert them into a sale.

Integrated Campaigns

The AIM platform goes way beyond the traditional email marketing campaigns. AIM bridges the gap between digital and physical marketing efforts. Not only can you send automated email cadences with AIM, but you can also kick off real live telemarketing agents to engage your customers. Would you like to send a text, voice mail, track trade show attendance? Yes, you can do all of that with AIM (and all while tracking emails, landing pages and digital interactive content).

This has all been designed to save you time, paint a clear picture of your prospects and allow you to identify when it’s the right time to reach out to those potential clients.

Data Security

We understand data is the number one asset for your organization and we take it serious.


We employ a data center and network architecture purposely built to satisfy even the most security-sensitive organizations in the world.


Working with the global leader in cloud computing, our cloud infrastructure is working towards a number of certifications for a number of international standards, including ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018.

We are also working on maintaining security protocols to ensure organizations remain compliant with the EU Data Protection Directive and the Model Clauses.

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