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AIM Target

Our socially sourced data combined with real-time human verified telemarketing provides you with the most accurate business intelligence.

When you leverage our pre-defined personas it allows you to measure intent levels even before starting you start marketing.

AIM Agent

We provide you with a US based phone outreach team with a license to generate high quality leads. Our business development agents (BDA) are highly skilled and fully trained on your services.

We will hit your target and prepare the prospect to speak with your sales team.

Auto AIM

Our proprietary marketing automation platform provides you with seamless outreach using email, text and voice messaging.

Mix and match any of these features into your cadence and allow our system to auto send, track engagement, and score your leads for you.

AIM Dial

Our Next Gen dialer gives you the competitive advantage. Features like local called ID, click to dial, real time email verification, live call transfer, and chat increases overall contact and data accuracy.

We have a seamless plug and play platform that will have your sales team up and running in less than an hour.

Get Free Business Data

Enhance Your

TeleContent Marketing

In today’s marketing climate it’s very noisy. Let us help you cut through all the traffic and get decision maker eyeballs on your content and their voices in front of your sales team.

Start with a strategic TeleContent Marketing consultation where you’ll learn how you can improve your content engagement by leveraging our strengths in your overall marketing strategy.

Have our business decision makers engage with your:

  • Webinars
  • White Papers
  • On Demand Presentations
  • e-Books

Your strategic TeleContent Marketing plan starts with a current evaluation of your content library. Our recommendations and development of content will strengthen your marketing plan.

Strengthen Your

Business Data

How much better would the understanding of your prospects be by enhancing your data with first person human verified data?

Imagine being able to follow people’s digital footprints as they move around the internet. Better insights with business data are just around the corner.

According to Marketing Sherpa business data decay happens at a rate of 25.2% annually. Leveraging our business data platform presents unique ways of providing accurate business data.

Correcting bad data and enriching existing databases increases the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

With access to over 40 million professional records we can help with your target audience.

Decrease Your

Non Selling Activity

You hire closers to gain commitments! Think about all the non-selling functions your sales team does regularly. What if they could be talking with interested and qualified prospects during this time instead of prospecting or doing admin work?
Our NextGen Contact Solutions platform gives your sales team the ability to cut down their non selling activity by as much as 36% , which results in more closed deals and revenue !

With our proprietary dialer solution your sales team can:

  • Access our 40 million business contacts and click to dial
  • Leave pre recorded voicemails and pre programmed text messages
  • Set up cadences, email automation, and lead scoring
  • Once a “prospect” becomes a “lead”, connect directly into your CRM via API

Your top sales members are vital to your organization. Reward them by putting them in the best position to succeed. The more tools you provide them the longer they may remain with your organization.

Great sales people are hard to find, training takes resources, and ROI waits for ramp up. Keep your key sales members by having us make their job easier.

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“I feel so much better about meeting my objectives. As usual AMAZING work!” Desiree Torres, Informa Engage

Desiree Torres – Informa Engage

"I've used 4 different Sales platforms, this is by far the best and most complete I've used" Jon Adler - PhonetiCall


"Keep the leads coming in baby ! Your CPL model allows me to minimize my financial exposure and still reach my monthly lead objectives. Thank you for being a valued and trusted parter" Alan Lindquist - QR Rabbit

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