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How can B2B telemarketing help my business?

Human Verified Data

Our campaigns start with best of breed data. We make over 100,000 calls per day and constantly update our database identifying decision makers, demographic information, emails and direct lines.

Next Gen Technology

Our call center suite comes with an efficient compliant predictive dialer and a compact expandable CRM to provide the necessary tool for setting up an effective outbound Demand Gen project.

Elite Project Management

Each of our management team members have several years of call center experience and know how to increase contact. We are well versed in the operational execution of telemarketing projects since 2001.

US Based Agents

All of our agents go through a multi step interview process, 10 days of training, and ongoing evaluation courses specific to your industry. We also have a custom agent ranking system which covers 14 points of agent skills, giving each agent a weighted score.

Human Verified Data

Our PPL services start with searching our internal database of 40 million B2B professionals. We combine socially sourced data with human verification via our call center.

Once we establish your buyer persona we will nurture the prospect through marketing automation leading to a call with our US Based Sales Agents.

Additional human verified data is captured and intent data is pushed into your CRM as a Lead.

NextGen Technology

Our dialer offers all of the bleeding edge technology for a call center platform. The system is flexible, can integrate with other technologies via API, and is very user friendly.

Outbound contact solutions features include:


Key Performance Metric Reports


Lead and List Management


Customizing Agent Screens


Dynamic Script Building


Dialer controls


Voice recordings

We have the ability to manage and control your outbound campaign effectively. We will load prospect data, fine tune dialer settings, and develop scripts with dispositions, all from simple intuitive graphical user-interface.

Some of the benefits include:


Local caller ID display for improved contact

Real time email verification and content delivery upon call termination

Live call transfer feature allows us to patch a lead directly into your sales team


API integration for seamless transfer of data into various CRMs

Elite Project Management

Once project design is complete, each campaign starts with a pre-launch meeting with the agents selected from our agent ranking system, which matches agents with the right industries and titles you want to target.

All agents are trained specifically on your solution and benefits prior to calling. We then call the project for a few days and take it down to perform ongoing training and adjustments based on what our project managers are hearing during live monitoring sessions as well as what the analytics are showing.

Our quality assurance team listens to and checks 100% of all leads for accurate data input and call handing of the highest standards. If any agent doesn’t meet our standards, the project managers work with them to improve. We allow up to 3 days to re-evaluate and for the agent to correct any issues.

US Based Agents

Our sales agents come in contact with your potential customers, therefore we ensure we have top quality agents available for you.

All of our agents go through ongoing conversational sales tactics which includes how to listen for pain points, go off script when needed, and build interest.

They then go through a 10 day training process which includes written, presentation and voice training, followed by a final exam.

Each team of 8 agents is managed by a team lead, who supervises and evaluates their performance on an hour by hour basis.

Our extensive “Agent Ranking System” evaluates agents on all of their projects. With our 14 point grading systems, we cover things such as productivity, quality assurance, and communication.

This gives us a precise understanding of which agents will preform best when talking to decision makers.

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