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BANT Leads !

Decrease Non Sales Activity.
Drive More Revenue.

Want to Improve Your Marketing Efficiency, Increasing Your Sales?

Choose Actionable Intelligence Marketing For:


Our Platform As a Service allows you to significantly cut down non selling functions. This exclusive technology combines a lot of the à la carte services you are currently using into one platform giving you access to 40+ million B2B professionals

Pay Per Lead

Our US Based biz dev agents understand how to get through the gatekeeper, generate interest with decision makers, and collect relevant data points critical to the sale.

B2B Data

Our B2B data is web-sourced from social and also comes from a variety of areas on the web. We then combined our 300+ call center agents human verification touch to increase the accuracy of our data.

Text Marketing

Peer to Peer text marketing allows you to target non opt in data. With the recent changes in the way people work from home, more professionals are using text communication. Text messages have over 90% open rates within 90 seconds!

Turn Suspects Into
Sales Ready Qualified Leads

Actionable Intelligence Marketing (AIM) services allow you to reach the right prospects, gain engagement, and convert your prospects into clients through multi-layered marketing tools.

When you partner with us, we help with data collection, decision maker phone contact, account based marketing, and marketing automation. We give you access to dynamic B2B data, phone and email outreach tools, and lead scoring and nurturing allowing you to target decision makers in industries you serve.

Enjoy high quality MQL,SQL, and HQL leads delivered through the resources and infrastructure available with our services. Extend your marketing reach by including our services in your overall marketing strategy to provide full service lead delivery via API.

Gain a better understanding of your data, develop a strategic content marketing plan targeting qualified prospects, and execute the strategy seamlessly to reach the impressive ROI on your marketing budget you’ve been searching for.

Helping businesses like yours implement successful B2B contact solution strategies is how our experience, biz dev agents, and proprietary technology can set you apart from your competitors.

Increased Value Through Modernized Technology

Socially Sourced Human Verified Data

NextGen Contact Solutions

Real Time Email Verification

Peer to Peer Texting

What’s Our Edge?

  • Exclusive Technology
    We bring many of the à la carte tools you are already using into one seamless platform.
  • Biz Dev Agents
    Significantly improve your sales team productivity by having our US Based agents develop lead intent.
  • Flexibility
    Choose between our do it yourself PaaS offering or have us generate the leads for you on a PPL basis.
  • Live Data
    Combine user generated business data and human verified to increase marketing efficiency.
  • Domain Authority
    Leadership with over 20 years of B2B contact solutions management experience.
  • Thought Leadership
    Executives actively participating within marketing communities.

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Small to Mid Sized Businesses

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