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How Can AIM Help My Business?

Engagement Value Tracking

To eliminate the time that you have to spend on contacting cold or non interested prospects, it’s critical that you can see the people who are interested in speaking with you!

Marketing Automation

We have automated all the ways that you would like to reach out to your prospects. Email, Phone, Text, and Voicemails. Simply set up a cadence then select how you want to mix and match your outreach efforts.

NextGen Contact Solutions

Our platform gives your sales team the ability to increase talk time from 20 minutes every our to 48 minutes every hour , which results in more closed deals and revenue !

Lead Delivery

Regardless of what CRM you are using, our Platform will seamlessly integrate and pass along all the intent data.

Engagement Value Tracking

AIM has developed a proprietary lead tracking system that will track engagement and score your leads.

This allows you to configure the value assigned to various prospect actions. Once your lead reaches a certain intent level it will be defined as an MQL, SQL, or HQL lead.

Some examples of these actions could be:


Opening your emails


Clicking on links


Interacting with live content


Speaking to a phone agent


Receiving Text messages


Receiving Automated Voice mails


Subscribing to Content

You will receive engagement values (or ‘report cards’) on your prospects which lets you know when they are ready to speak with your sales team.

Marketing Automation

The AIM platform integrates multiple features into one platform. Send out thousands of emails on a pre-determined sequence. Then integrate our click to dial, click to voicemail or text, and click to connect on LinkedIN features into the cadence for a multi faceted marketing strategy.

These are all features the AIM platform can perform and report seamlessly while decreasing non selling administrative functions for your sales team.

NextGen Contact Solutions

Our Next Gen dialer gives you the competitive advantage. Features like local called ID, click to dial, real time email verification, live call transfer, and chat increases overall contact and data accuracy.

We have a seamless plug and play platform that will have your sales team up and running in less than an hour to increase your talk time up to 300%!

API Lead Delivery

When your lead reaches a qualification score, the AIM platform will deliver the lead to you via API in real time to your preferred CRM system. AIM supports all the top CRM systems such as Marketo, Eloqua and Salesforce.

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