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Effective marketing campaigns start with strategy.

Assess the competition, identify gap areas not being addressed. Assess your company’s strengths. Identify your business objectives, your target audience and their problem/frustration/need.

Craft a compelling offer to meet the need.

Business Data

Business Data

Business data is king! Socially sourced data in a real-time live database provides you with the most accurate business intelligence on the market.

When you leverage our business data, you prevent data decay, enrich existing data with new fields and discover more prospects to target.



Generate more leads for your sales team. Raise awareness for your brand. Strengthen creditability with existing or prospective customers. Identify new opportunities.

Create relevant conversations with partners. Create telemarketing campaigns for any of these purposes and more through robust marketing automation tools.

Lead Engagement

Track Engagement

Give yourself the ability to track the activity of suspects turning into qualified prospects.

Find out how many times your suspects have responded to telemarketing, visited your website, opened an asset, or clicked on an email.

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring

Assign values to each prospect engagement for lead scoring. Make sure your top sales members are matched with your most interested prospects. Set up marketing automation based on prospect engagement.  Time your follow up perfectly as contacts go from suspects, to prospects, to qualify leads.

B2B Telemarketing

Strategic Telemarketing

In today’s marketing climate it’s very noisy. Let us help you cut through all the traffic and get decision maker eyeballs on your content and their voices in front of your sales team.

Start with a strategic telemarketing consultation where you’ll learn how you can improve your outbound call strategy by leveraging our strengths in your overall marketing mix.

In addition to driving revenue, other benefits in working with us include:

  • Decreased payroll taxes
  • Decreased overall marketing expenses
  • Focus more time on your core competencies
  • Increase sales team moral and keep top sales people

Your strategic telemarketing plan starts with a current evaluation of your data. Our recommendations on enhancing that data strengthens your plan.

Enhance Your Telemarketing Strategy Today.

Socially Sourced Business Data

How much better would your understanding of prospects be by enhancing your data with up to 60 data points of first person generated data?

Imagine being able to follow people’s digital footprints as they move around the internet. Better insights with business data are just around the corner.

According to Marketing Sherpa business data decay happens at a rate of 25.2% annually. Leveraging our business data platform presents unique ways of providing accurate business data.

Correcting bad data, enriching existing databases provides you more prospects for your marketing efforts.

With access to over 300 million professional records and over 100 million consumer records, your targeted audience is most likely in our stable of business data.

Enhance Your Business Data Now

Socially Sourced Business Data
Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring

You hire closers to gain commitments! Think about all the non-selling functions your sales team does regularly. What if they could be talking with interested and qualified prospects during this time instead of prospecting or doing admin work?

Lead scoring is a method of identifying those qualified prospects, so your sales team doesn’t waste precious time on the wrong leads.

With lead scoring in place you can:

  • Drive more revenue with high-quality prospecting
  • Improve cold emailing & cold calling effectiveness
  • Deliver interested leads to your closers instead of suspects or prospects

Your top sales members are vital to your organization. Reward them with interested and qualified leads with lead scoring. The more tools you provide them the longer they may remain with your organization.

Great sales people are hard to find, training takes resources, and ROI waits for ramp up. Keep your key sales members by having us generate the leads for you.

Set Up Lead Scoring and Watch Your Revenue Climb

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