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How can message broadcasting help my business?

Automated Voicemails

Use Automated voicemails to communicate with customers or prospects about promotions, updates, and notifications. With easy setup this marketing tool adds a personal touch to your communications.

Text Messaging

We provide a powerful and flexible SMS text messaging platform. Use our platform to send out promotions, discounts, updates or notifications – text marketing allows you to communicate to thousands instantly.

Ringless Voicemails

We design these campaigns to give you the ability to deliver voicemails without having to dial. The message plays to the user with HD sound quality and best of all you don’t interrupt your target, their phone never rings !

Live Transfer

Add live transfer features to your automated messaging campaign. When our system reaches a live voice, we will play your message and give them the option to connect directly to our call center or your sales team.

Automated Voicemails

We provide you with a quick and easy tool to reach prospects in masses. Automated voicemails are a great way to introduce your company, call attention to email marketing, or drive traffic to a landing page.

You can choose who you want to target using your data or our socially sourced data, record a voice message in seconds, and we will schedule its delivery based on your timeline.

With the ability to send 500 messages per minute, we have the capacity to output thousands instantly! However the net you cast is as big or small as you want it to be.

Some of the benefits of Automated Voicemails include:


Low price, no contracts


Scalable to hundreds of thousands of calls


Schedule for immediate or future delivery


Create a voicemail in minutes

Text Messaging

Text messaging can improve relationships with customers by sending promotions or satisfaction surveys.

We track real-time results for you and use the analytics to improve additional campaigns. Our platform is scalable, send a handful or thousands of messages.

With flexible pricing you can take advantage of volume discount plans or you can pay as you go.

Some of the benefits of Text messaging include:


Customizable messaging


Dynamic reporting


Schedule immediately or for future deployment


Rent keywords and build your opt-in data


Easy suppression of "Do not text" list


Set up local numbers to receive text back


Managed auto-replies

Ringless Voicemails

With ringless voicemails engagement is very high. This allows you effectively deliver your message and avoid SPAM box with email, hang ups from cold calls, and deleted Voicemails.

We will load your contact list, recording, and schedule your message for delivery. Like our other messaging services ringless voicemails are scalable, send hundreds or thousands all in minutes.

Your prospects can then listen to the message at their leisure without being interrupted or charged.

We provide easy to understand reporting and analytics for tracking and optimizing results.

We stay legally complaint because TCPA outlines restrictions for contacting mobile phones, but exempts information services. Voicemail falls under the information services category.

Live Call Transfer

Our live call transfer feature allows you to capitalize on our automated messaging platform by providing a call to action. Allow your customers or prospects to quickly connect with your team our our call center for further lead qualifying.

Once the message plays to a live person, we give them the option to press “1” for more information. We can route the call to any number or multiple numbers depending on the target audience.

This is also a great tool if you want to capture valuable feedback on your product or services.

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