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How can socially sourced data help my business?

Real Time Quality Data

Your marketing efforts depend on having up to date data. Did you know 62% of organizations rely on prospect data that is up to 40% inaccurate?

Our real time socially sourced data allows us to follow peoples footprints as they move.

Data Correction & Enrichment

Our social data platform presents very unique ways of providing accurate data.

We have first person generated data and up to 60 data points of contact and business information.

We can also append unique fields to your database with social and fill in blank fields.

Lead Engagement

Gain New Prospects

We have access to 300 million professionals worldwide. Our social data platform allows you to filter through prospects who are most relevant to your business.

You can also use our new prospect tool for account based marketing or to find “similar” targets to your best clients using our data profiling feature.

Increase E-mail Engagement

By correcting and appending verified e-mails to your files, we engage more people with your content.

We also run an analysis on your email health to let you know where your reputation and delivery rates stand.

Data Correction & Enrichment

Marketing sherpa estimates data decay to happen at 2.1% per month. In addition, 1 out of 4 people move jobs annually.

Our data correction tool starts with a complimentary data health analysis measuring the accuracy of your data. Data decay is a big issues for businesses these days. Our social data platform presents very unique ways of providing accurate data. We have first person generated data and up to 60 data points of contact and business information.

By correcting your data with our socially sourced data platform you are giving your marketing efforts the best chance of success.

Our platform is a live database, therefore we can follow a person’s footprint on the web as they move jobs, keeping your data fresh.

Business Data

We have access to 90 million business professionals in the US and 210 million more worldwide. Our social platform is a live database giving you access to new prospects. We can filter by 26 different data points including written titles, classification of titles, decision maker identifiers, revenue, SIC/NAICS codes, and multiple address info and phone numbers.

Built in suppression tools allow you to only target new prospects or search by company for account based marketing objectives.  In addition, those freemail addresses are now useful! We can instantly link them to a B2B email and persona.


Consumer Data

Companies in need of data, requiring large scale database for analytics, supplementing their own data or enriching it, requiring verification and identification process in real time, need to partner with companies who have the technical expertise to do this. Let us provide these services for you.

We adhere to CAN-SPAM regulations, and we maintain our database from legitimate opt-in resources, helping businesses avoid penalties for spamming, receiving complaints from angry recipients and encountering damage to the brand’s reputation due to sending commercial e-mail.

ID Verification

Revenues, top managers, places of doing business all change. When conducting research and risk assessment on companies, access to the very latest information is critical.

Your requirements may be common to all or unique. You may require a bespoke or custom-tailored application to meet your identification and global risk assessment services goals. These can include:

  • Verifying and updating customer records
  • Verifying age and/or identity of an individual
  • Verifying whether a business is active, inactive, bankrupt or has undergone a change in location or personnel
  • Meeting compliance regulations and requirements
  • Doing verifications quickly or in real-time
  • Having the option to do these verifications in-house, from remote locations or outsourcing the process

AIM offers country-specific capabilities to check name/address, date of birth, gender, telephone and much more. On the B2B side, these “identity” checks can include: verification of corporate name/address/telephones, employee size, annual revenue, tax ID, names of key employees.

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