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Turn Suspects Into Sales Ready Qualified Leads

Actionable Intelligence Marketing (AIM) services allow you to reach the right prospects, gain engagement, and convert your prospects into customers through multi-layered marketing tools.

When you partner with us, you receive help with data collection, contact services and lead scoring/nurturing.  You’ll have access to dynamic data, phone/email outreach, and automation tools across a variety of industries.

You’ll enjoy high quality leads delivered through the resources and infrastructure available with our services. You can even extend your marketing reach by including our services in your overall marketing strategy to provide full service lead delivery and nurturing.

You’ll understand your data, develop a strategic plan targeting qualified prospects, and execute the strategy seamlessly and reach that impressive ROI on your marketing budget you’ve been searching for.

Helping businesses, like yours, implement successful contact solution strategies is how our experience, people, and technology sets you apart from your competitors.

Choose Action Intelligence Marketing For:


Our B2B data is web-sourced from social and also comes from a variety of areas on the web including data partners, career and corporate sites, job boards, resumes, and bios on website.

We ingest all of the data, synthesize it to be the most actionable, up-to-date and accurate B2B contact data available.

Our B2C data integrates, curates, analyzes and interprets multiple types and sets of data from various, widespread sources, including other large datasets, social media and web activity.

Phone Outreach

Our telemarketers understand how to get through the gatekeeper, generate interest with decision makers, and collect relevant data points critical to the sale.

Keep your sales team on the phones closing deals, not seeking prospects.

We will generate demand for your services, qualify prospects through a series of questions, and help you generate revenue !


AIM provides you with opt in data for your eMail campaigns. We can eMail your content, or customize content for you needs.

Our email marketing services are benchmarked and adhere to the highest industry standards. We have a professional team who ensures that every email list service and package meets the company’s safety compliance and confidentiality policy.

Lead Scoring


Marketing automation is huge time saver. Marketing automation makes the most of your staff resources.

With AIM’s automated solution, a single staff member can execute complex and ongoing campaigns.

This allows you to connect with many more warm or hot prospects than would be possible manually.

Increased Value Through Modernized Technology

What’s Our Edge?

  • Technology

    Leading edge technology allows you to gain the competitive advantage.

  • Automation

    Significantly improve your sales team productivity.

  • Extend Your Budget’s Reach

    Giving you the flexibility to blend offshore and domestic telemarketing resources together.

  • Live Data

    User generated business data and consumer profile data at your fingertips.

  • Domain Authority

    Over four decades of combined contact solutions management experience.

  • Thought Leadership

    Executives actively participating within marketing communities.

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