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How can marketing automation help my business?

Engagement Value Tracking

To eliminate the time that you have to spend on contacting cold or non interested prospects, it’s critical that you can see the people who are interested!

Multiple Campaign Types

We have automated all the ways that you would like to reach out to your prospects. Email, Phone, Text, Voicemails, Live Events. This way you can reach out to 10,000 potential customers as easily as you can reach out to 10.

360º View of your campaigns

With the AIM platform, you will be able to see which types of campaigns are the most successful for your particular business.

Automated Notifications

The AIM platform will reach out to you when a prospect is ready to be contacted by you. This process is configurable so you can choose when to be notified.

Engagement Value Tracking

AIM has developed a proprietary lead tracking system that we call ‘Engagement Value’.

This allows you to configure the value assigned to various prospect actions.

Some examples of these actions could be:

  • Opening your emails
  • Clicking on links
  • Interacting with live content
  • Speaking to a phone agent
  • Receiving Text messages
  • Receiving Automated Voice mails
  • Attending a Live (in person) event or Trade Show
  • Subscribing to a Magazine or Publication.

You will receive engagement values (or ‘report cards’) on your prospects. Which will let you know when they are ready to contact the prospect!

Multiple Campaign Types

The AIM platform integrates multiple campaigns types. From sending out thousands of emails on a pre-determined cadence (or email workflow), to having hundreds of highly trained call center agents building interest in your product, the AIM platform can perform these task and report on the success of all the various campagains.

360º View of your Campaigns

Some prospects (and even industries) will engage better with different types of campagains. Email automation is only the tip of the iceberg. The AIM platform combines the digital and physical world. If you’re having challenges with one type of campaign, you have many more types of campaigns in your tool belt.

You can easily see which types of campaigns your prospects are engaging the most. This will allow you to make the adjustments needed to build the maximum interest.

Automated Notifications

It’s almost like having the customer reach out to you. The AIM platform will calculate when the prospect is ready to be contacted. This is based on a number of default or user configured settings. The data in the system triggers the notification and lets you know when it’s time for you to reach out.  Don’t waste your time chasing cold prospects, let the AIM platform help you spend more time closing.

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